Benjamin Meaker is a creative entrepreneur specializing in photography and creative direction.

Born in Zimbabwe, raised in France, worked in the United Kingdom and now residing on the East Coast of the USA, Benjamin grew up with an affinity for arts, people and the natural world. He first picked up a camera at the age of eighteen and has been playing with time and light ever since.

Benjamin is also the Co-Founder of Nice and Serious, a creative agency based in London and New York which focuses solely on producing knock-out content around environmental and social issues. With over 12 years of creative direction experience across a variety of mediums, Benjamin employs the same rigor and imagination with his photography projects.

Benjamin enjoys photographing his subjects using both digital and analog film (35mm and medium-format). He loves shooting outdoors but also works in studio environments when the brief lends itself to it. His style is defined by a jovial and colorful style combined a portraiture and photo-journalistic approach.

When Benjamin isn't taking pictures, you can find him either in the kitchen conjuring up a new recipe or out swimming/cycling/running long distances in nature.

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